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Retail Price Optimization Solution

Retail Price Optimization Solution

Improve Category Market Share, Margin & Volume Objectives

Retail is a fast-paced and highly competitive industry. At every moment, retailers must be able to price based on brand, consumer demand, and competitive positioning. All within the context of regulatory compliance and business strategy.With Vistaar’s Retail Pricing Solutions, used by retailers across the globe, you can take advantage of:

  • Competitive data
  • Advanced analytics
  • Price Optimization powered by Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Predictive modelling techniques

    Implementing an effective price optimization solution means you can price yourself into the heart of your customer, stay ahead of your competition and deliver on business goals.


    Retailing Made Profitable. Customer Share That’s Protected.


    Easy to interpret, visual analytics at the touch of a button. Align price with business
    strategy, consumer demand, competitive data, and market insights.


    Quickly identify the best price and deliver on margin, volume, and customer retention
    opportunities using effective price optimization and management.


    Stay ahead of the curve with predictive modelling that allows you to project “what if’ price impact. Increased visibility means you can be proactive about price change.


    Vistaar’s Retail Pricing Solutions gives you peace of mind by ensuring all regulatory and manufacturer contract compliance is maintained

    End-to-end pricing software

    We offer pricing software solutions and services across a range of industries

    Smart Pricing Engine

    Unclutter your pricing from complicated, out dated and tough-to-maintain ERP systems with Vistaar’ Smart Pricing Engine; a web based Pricing Solution designed especially to enable consistent, omnichannel and hyper speed pricing execution for all teams across your organization.

    Smart Rebates

    Automate your rebate management process from calculation through settlement and deliver improved payment accuracy and margin visibility and reduced administrative hours and latency with Vistaar’s Smart Rebate Management solutions.


    Predictive Insights

    Implement intelligent price planning using our “what if” modelling. Vistaar’s Retail Pricing Solutions incorporate machine learning on customer response for various price change options.

    Optimization through Price Science

    Make effective, data-driven pricing decisions. Analyze customer response to pricing and use price science to determine the very best pricing strategies.

    Market Basket Impact

    Understand the impact on store traffic and other categories when making individual product pricing decisions.

    Visibility into the Complete Picture

    Make overpricing and under-pricing a thing of the past. Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to assess your pricing strategies in real-time.

    Ideal Balance in Margin & Volume

    Advanced modelling and dynamic pricing guidance so that you can balance customer “Willingness-to-Pay”, market and pricing strategy objectives.

    Competitive Insights

    Stay ahead of the curve. Vistaar’s Retail Pricing Solutions let you scientifically determine which competitors affect demand by region, category, and product.

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